Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Hello there, October! I thought you might never make your appearance!

October is my favorite month. I LOVE the gorgeous weather that autumn brings. The leaves are changing, the weather cools down and everyone seems to be feeling joyous. That joyous feeling might come from an overdose from pumpkin spice lattes, but hey, whatever works! October is also my birth month. My mom, her twin and I all share the same birthday on the 14th, so it’s always been a fun month. I remember as a child having big birthday parties that included a hayride, costumes and a bonfire for roasting wieners and marshmallows! Oh the memories I have made in October!

Since we have been TTC, October has slightly changed for me. I would have never known that  October became National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month in 1988. Here’s a short excerpt I found on

I have had many friends go to such lengths to finally get their positive pregnancy tests, only to be saddened by a chemical pregnancy and/or miscarriage. Some may disagree, but I look at that as losing a part of you. You had another human being starting to take shape inside of you. As for myself, I have had one chemical pregnancy and two miscarriages.

If I was to tell you that a miscarriage doesn’t have any effect on yourself, your family and marriage, I would be wrong. It does. You may feel like less of a woman, discover how unsupportive your friends and family are and lastly, you may start questioning your marriage. In my opinion, these are normal feelings that come with infertility and miscarriage and with time, these feelings will work their selves out.

This month, I am going to try my best to speak out more about infertility and miscarriage. I have such a hard time with this, because just one simple post on Instagram about either subject is often ignored. People don’t want to talk about the topic and some don’t even want to acknowledge your struggle. I encourage anyone who read this blog to SPEAK UP this month. Let’s educate people in our lives about National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month!



  1. Such a beautiful entry, Chelsea. I agree that there needs to be more awareness for everyone that struggles with growing their family.

    1. Thank you, Laura!! (I somehow missed your comment in October!)