Thursday, July 17, 2014

Babysitters Club

Always the babysitter, never the baby-maker

Since I can remember, I’ve always been a ‘babysitter.’ In my younger teenage years, I would spend my summers babysitting my sisters while our parents worked. I would cook for them, play with them and clean up their messes. As they got older and made more friends – I would babysit their friends also.

Fast forward several years…

I have gained a wonderful niece (4) and a couple second cousins (3&4). (We are a really close family, so yes; I am really close to my 2nd cousins! AKA Babies having babies!)   I babysit or borrow these kiddos as frequently or infrequently as I can/want. I really enjoy having babies around, it’s just when they leave it leaves a void in my heart…wondering will we ever have that laughter and noise in our home permanently? I pray that we will.

Last year our niece had graduated from sleeping in her pack n’ play to sleeping in a bed with a rail. They needed a babysitter so they could go out, but we had gotten rid of the bed in our guest room so she had nowhere to sleep. My husband insisted that he would go to the furniture store and buy a twin bed – JUST FOR HER. Wow, that hit me like a load of bricks. I ran to JCPenny and picked out a cute and brightly colored bedding set and some fluffy pillows. I was sprucing up a room I had planned to be a nursery for other people’s kids.?.? I was angry with myself for being so bitter. But how could I not be?

My cousin had a baby 4 years ago. She needs to audition for the show “I didn’t know I was pregnant” because she didn’t. She was a softball college student in Kansas, training hard before the season started. Running bleachers, weight training, pitching lessons, the whole shebang. The whole week she had been having a lot of pain in her abdomen. After an ER visit, she was admitted to the hospital where she would have her baby boy. He was precious. She wanted to put him up for adoption but her parents said, NO WAY and have helped raise him. I was his first babysitter when he came home from the hospital. I kept him on Friday afternoons while his grandma worked. I bought him clothes to keep at my house, bibs, binkies, bottles, and blankets. (I even let him pee on my couch because I forgot how boys pee!!)

It is so hard to continue to be asked to babysit for people while they go out and do fun things. I appreciate that they trust me with their children, but why am I always the babysitter? One friend will say, “Baby has been talking about you guys all day. She really likes Matt.” Is her child really asking for us or is she just buttering us up to watch her child while she plays? It seems like lately we are asked more often to babysit than to hang out? Are we now the infertiles who long to have children so they feel if they throw their children at us – we will be okay? We aren’t part of the parent’s club…because let’s be real here, dogs don’t count! J

I’m so ready to be a part of that PARENT CLUB and out of the BABYSITTERS CLUB.


  1. I have felt exactly like this so many times. I have always gravitated toward babies so it was just natural that I babysit. Sometimes the pain of other people wanting to leave their kids with me while they "enjoy" an evening makes me angry. Sometimes I just have to say no! Thinking of you :)

  2. You are right on point! I'm a baby magnet too, it's just painful some days. Think of you, too!

  3. I pray you can change clubs very soon! Love you, Chelsea.