Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Friday Favorites

I’m borrowing this Friday Favorites from Chelsea at! She’s such an inspiration to me and many others.

Favorite Moment:  Wednesday morning I work up not feeling well. I decided to stay home from work to get rested. Later in the morning I ran a couple errands including a trip to the bank drive-thru window. We waited for the teller to send the carrier back thru the tube and we would be on our way. I opened the carrier and my face lit up. They had sent a big dog bone for Mattie. It really made me smile that they did that for her! It made my day and was my favorite moment of the week!

Favorite Song: This is totally inappropriate, but the song WIGGLE by Jason Derulo. Don’t tell anyone, but I like turning this song up when I’m in the car by myself. “How do you fit all that in them jeans?”

Favorite Quote or Verse: If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now.

Favorite Photo(s): I love a good storm! This was a nice storm that was brewing near our house. It brought in just enough rainfall to water our vegetable garden for the day.

Favorite New Local Find: This isn’t new, but I wanted to share this great BBQ joint! If you are ever in the Skiatook area, you have to check out Mac’s BBQ. No other BBQ compares to this. Make sure to take home your own bottle of sauce!

Favorite Thing I’m Looking Forward To: The possibility of traveling! My mom has invited us to go to Belize for a week in October. (MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!) I’m having a hard time committing... If this cycle doesn’t work, do I want to discontinue treatments until November or keep them going which would mean skipping the vacation? I feel like we are so close to success, but yet I’m also tired of putting a lot of things we want to do on hold. Decisions, Decisions! I know it’s all about what is more important, but life is too short to make these kind of decisions. ;-)

Favorite Funnies:

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