Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moving on, slowly but surely

Monday 2/3 Beta (HCG) = 254

Wednesday 2/5 Beta (HCG) = 321 (didn’t double, but still rising…)

Friday 2/7 Beta (HCG) = declining

Another declining HCG…The nurse assures me again, you are not losing a baby, at this point – it was just cells forming. Hearing those words really doesn’t get any easier. Having your hopes raised so high on a non-medicated (FREE!) cycle and then slammed right back down to the ground. This is the third loss so far. I asked if there was any blood testing I could do, to see what ELSE was wrong with me. Why it never sticks, and stays… The only thing the nurse suggested was to have my progesterone levels checked again, to make sure I am on the correct dose. She suggested coming in on CD3 to talk about it with the doctor.

This was a non-medicated cycle, like I mentioned. It happened the month directly following the last loss. I was planning on taking a break, so I’m going to continue on that plan and use protection in the months to come. My bod probably needs a minute to rest anyways. I have to mention, I have been feeling GREAT after dropping all of the meds I was on for the past couple of years. No more metformin, fish oil, vitamins, etc. I’ve given up all pop/soda, down to 1 or less cups of coffee a week, and my water intake is usually 120+ oz a day. Still working on getting my eating habits under control! J I just can’t say no to the Valentine’s M&Ms.

I’m hoping this cycle starts very soon so I can move along.

Speaking of hoping, I’m hoping that this winter weather moves along too! I want to be able to get outside and walk in the evenings, plant some flowers and get our house ready to put on the market! We are MOVING! Our first home was brand spankin’ new, but pretty small…with just the two of us and three dogs, we have outgrown the space (and neighborhood!). We were one of the first people to move to the new neighborhood – so we didn’t know what kind of neighbors we would have…so far, they have not been good! We are moving back to my hometown…just about 25 minutes up the road, and closer to my family. I’m really looking forward to being closer to civilization! = Shopping at Target (LOL!)




  1. I am so sorry this has happened to you again. I am praying that this break will reset everything and give you a fresh start! *HUGS*

    1. Thank you! I hope you are doing GREAT!

  2. I'm just reading this and I know I'm a little late in the game- this may not be helpful but I was watching a video blog the other day and the woman requested to be tested for natural killer cells after hearing about them from a friend, couldn't hurt to do the test depending on cost/likelihood. Best of luck to you! And I will be living vicariously through you....I miss Target too! 40 minutes is too far!

    1. Hey girl! I have been thinking/reading about the natural killer cells testing. It does seem very possible that it could be a factor. I think I will mention it at my next appointment! And girl, you are right! 40 minutes is too far! I'm currently about 20 minutes away, but where we are moving it will be about 3 minutes. Hooray! Now if we could get a Trader Joe's - I would be set!