Monday, December 16, 2013

My Dad's Final Journey

Just so I'll remember...

My parents headed to OKC this morning to start the last week of aggressive radiation. The car ride there was extremely hard on him, and he wasn't able to complete the treatment due to anxiety, lack of strength and in and out of consciousness. I went to visit him last night, and he was asking if we would drive him from his recliner to the couch, because his back was hurting. I've been in denial that this is ACTUALLY happening and his life is coming to an end.

He just boarded the ambulance to be taken home. Hospice care will be starting this evening or by tomorrow. They previously told us that if he didn't try treatment, he wouldn't make it until Christmas. The end is coming, and I just can't believe it. Is this really happening? Is my Dad really this sick and I've just been oblivious or have I been hopeful in that miracle I've been praying for...either way, it's hitting hard, in more ways than one.
 I'd like to mention this one last thing...
ANY form of TOBACCO is not worth your life.

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