Thursday, November 14, 2013

What a relief it is!

CD6 is here and I have been taking Femara (5mg) for 4 days now! This medication improves the stimulation of developing follicles (eggs) in the ovaries. It’s as simple as taking two little pills in the morning and letting it do its job! The only side effects so far, can be treated with Tylenol, so I’m okay with that! I’ll take a headache anytime to achieve the goal we are after. It also gives me a little problem with my joints...but that's no biggie. This medication will be taken for a total of 5 days, much like you do with Clomid. Femara works in a similar way of Clomid, although it does not affect the uterine lining!
Tomorrow will be the start of the injections. 50IUs of Follistim – followed by another ultrasound on Monday morning!
Saturday calls for a baby shower on my husband’s side of the family. You know I’m excited for that…Another reminder that we are the only married folks in his family that are sans children!

Not much to report – but wanted to give an update! Looking forward to a vacation day with the Husband tomorrow!


UPDATE: The nurse just called me to update me on my recent blood work. She said everything looked perfect. They checked the following: FSH, TSH, Prolactin and Estradiol. The word PERFECT is extremely exciting to me! After first seeing a Dr who told me that my thyroid was abnormal, sending me to a specialist doctor (his friend) who told me I had hashimotos thyroiditis (but for some reason weren’t treating, just monitoring with EXPENSIVE ultrasounds)…leaves me feeling relieved. I can’t help but think the last 2+ years have been a waste of time AND MONEY. (This is not to speak badly of the doctor, just my personal experience.)  What a relief today has been. This makes the long weekend ahead THAT much better! :-)


  1. I'm so glad you're finding some peace! Good luck with the Follistim. You're going to do great!!

    1. Me too! This baby making business it tine consuming. ;-) Have a great weekend!