Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful Week

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

My appointment this morning – went great! One follie is measuring about 22 and another at a 16… He said we have 1 ¾ follies to work with this cycle! Which is fine by me – only need one! J Sent me home with a trigger shot to take tonight…then we will start the 2WW! So happy to be at this point! Lining is looking great…and He even sent me home a picture of it! (HA!) I’m not sure what to look for…but I’m praying the next picture will have a little baby in it! (I’ve always longed to have an ultrasound picture to take home, so this first one will have to do for now!)

Ovidrel - Trigger Shot
I am looking forward to wrapping up this short week at work. It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving with family and relax at home with my husband. Hopefully this whirlwind year can bring some GREAT news in December!