Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New View

Monday has come and went, and with that, came the meeting with the new doctor. What an extremely different experience this was!! On the way there, my blood pressure was definitely soaring…Talk about a nervous wreck! The thought of having to drop your pants for yet another person does not put me at ease.
The office was very nice, clean, and full of pregnant woman, babies and couples! (Good sign?!) This was a big difference from the original office I had been going to. The staff was extremely courteous and upbeat. I finally had an okay feeling and my BP was down just a bit. I got my paperwork filled out, and shortly after was called back to a room. After a decent wait, the doctor came in and introduced himself. He seems to have an awesome personality but talks extremely fast! We discussed my medical history and he gave me some statistics for IVF/IUI…and told me IVF was obviously the best choice – but not always the first choice. (In some situations!) He is going to have me come in on CD3 and check me out…and we will go from there. I am hopeful we can start off where we left off before…
Flashback – In April 2012, Dr. B performed the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy and determined I had endometriosis and I had signs of PCOS. After the surgery, I took 6 months of Lupron shots. Since having this happen, I have found 4 other bloggers who have had the same treatment as well as similar timelines…I say this because…At my appointment on Monday, the doctor verified that all of Dr. B’s patients he has seen have had the same treatment. I was the first patient he has seen that wasn’t diagnosed with a Uterine Septum. ( From the beginning – I had wondered if this was REALLY the correct diagnosis. I know that only time will tell, but I am intrigued. Just a coincidence or do all of the infertiles in T-town have endometriosis?
I should have another update (God willing!  J ) by the end of next week! The past 2+ years have literally FLOWN right by me and I am starting to feel it. I am ready for my husband and I to just be US in the very near future.
…With or without baby


  1. Uterine Septum with Endometriosis here! I've wondered the same thing about that being overdiagnosed. Hmm...

    So glad it all went well with you. That makes me happy!

  2. I've never heard of a Uterine Septum. But it is interesting how we all magically have endometriosis that requires expensive surgery and then months of sucky Lupron....

    1. I had never heard of it either. You are right, it is interesting!! I will admit, I do think something was wrong with me before, but was surgery necessary? I'll never know.