Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dad Update

As I’ve posted about before – my dad is currently fighting cancer. Last Sunday, my husband, my sister and I followed my parents to OKC to get them moved in to a short term apartment. We knew my dad wouldn’t be able to help my mom much, so we decided it would be helpful for us to all go. We were able to get the apartment unpacked and organized. The following day, he started his chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Before starting the treatment they found ANOTHER tumor on his neck. It is very aggressive, and is the same tumor that was removed during the initial surgery. I’m told that the long term prognosis of the tumor coming back after radiation is high. If the tumor comes back after 24 months post radiation, it is going to be extremely difficult or impossible to eradicate. Since they found the tumor, they have bumped up his radiation treatments up to 6 times a week. Today will be Day THREE of treatment. I talked with my mom earlier and she said that my dad is just wanting to stay knocked out all the time. I can’t say I blame him. Praying that both he and my mom can find some comfort in the coming weeks.