Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gluten Free, Me.

I’ve known for a little over a year that I had PCOS. My doctor never mentioned to me that I should try going gluten free, low carb, etc… I just kind of researched on my own and found the information out. My little sister has started going to the same doctor and she also has PCOS. They’ve drilled her about drinking NO pop and cutting out bread/gluten. After much consideration this last week, I decided that I REALLY needed to buckle down and get started on this lifestyle change. I am going to start out doing the Adkin’s induction diet. I feel like that will be a good way to help me learn a new style of eating. It is hard saying GOOD BYE to sweet tea and delicious bread…but it’s something I’ve needed to do for quite a while. My little sister is my inspiration – if she can do it – I should be able to, also! J
Here’s a breakdown of a few things I will be eating.
Breakfast: 2 eggs, Canadian bacon, Water or Coffee
Lunch: Lettuce/Greens, Small chicken breast and a light olive oil based dressing
Dinner: Steamed Veggies, Grilled Fish/Chicken and a side salad
I try to get 80-100oz of water a day now. I know I should be updating my water intake too.
I’m determined to get in the mind set of eating this way, and sticking with it. I am feeling guilty for waiting so long to change my ways – but it’s now or never! I choose now! J
I met a fellow TTC girl on Instagram who is also inspiring me for a change. It is nice to find people who are walking the same path as you – who understand and are great motivators!
Hopefully I can update with a weight loss in the coming weeks! I’m looking forward to this new adventure and looking at food in a more positive way.

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