Monday, April 8, 2013

Small Update!

Since I started this blog, I really wanted to keep it up-to-date, but I have found that with my busy schedule, that is hard to do! So – here is my occasional update regarding baby makin’.
March 12th I had an endometrial biopsy (OUCH!!) with Dr. B which was to determine whether I was able to ovulate on my own or not. The results indicated that I in fact did not “O” on my own. The following day of receiving the results, (the 14th) the nurse called and needed me to come in ASAP for two progesterone shots. At this point, I was to wait for AF to arrive and contact the DR then. Upon arrival, I started taking clomid on CDs 3-7. I only took 25mg because they suspected that I just needed a little boost to get me going. I finished the Clomid on the 3rd of April. I am using Ovulation predictors as of yesterday…I am hoping to see a positive test in a few days…although I’ve been told they are known for giving false positives! Either way, I have another biopsy on the 22nd of this month to give us some more answers. I am hoping they stick to the original plan & I can start “injectables” instead of more clomid. I am very anxious, nervous and hopeful!
I can totally relate to this! ;-)

The original plan was to start this ‘process’ in January immediately following the birth control regimen.  But, the previous treatment of Lupron really affected my thyroid levels. I’ve had a few ultrasounds and appointments with an endocrinologist who has diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s. It will be safe for me to become pregnant, but once I am, I will have to be monitored each trimester and take a thyroid supplement as needed.
I am hoping for some GOOD news at my next appointment because lately I have been feeling strung along. Do they really want to help me? Is there a problem they aren’t telling me? Is there something more I can be doing to help myself? I really like my nurse and Dr…so it’s probably just the hormones making me question this process, but I am also ready to have a baby in my arms! I’ve come too far to give up now, so I will power through all of these low moments!!
On a more positive note, I am hosting my little sister’s bridal shower this weekend! We are having a peacock themed brunch…since her wedding is peacock themed, I figured I would get the theme started! My neice is also turning 3 this weekend. I should have a fun filled weekend ahead…I am ready to get it started!


  1. You poor thing! I just caught-up on your blog. I never thought to look to see if you had one until today. :) I'm sorry this process isn't going along as quickly as you had hoped. The Lord knows I understand that! I hope things turn around for you at this next appointment. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. By the way, I LOVE that e-card. I may just have to steal it. :)