Monday, October 29, 2012

Crafting, Birthday and Lupron

What a busy past couple of months it has been for us.
My in-laws all celebrate their birthdays in the months of July, August and September so we have been busy celebrating with them these past couple of months. Plus, Matt's grandparents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a nice family get together. We are staying fairly busy these days.
I’m completely done receiving the Lupron injections each month for Endometriosis. (Hip-Hip-Hooorrraayyy!) As ‘positive’ as I tried to remain about the whole time, I had my fair share off bad days. I hope my husband can forgive me for those off days. This Wednesday, I have an appointment with the specialist and I am really looking forward to it. We will have an ultrasound and prepare for the next steps. I will for sure be taking two months of birth control to wake my ovaries back up, as the Lupron made me go into a state of menopause, for healing purposes. I’m so thankful I found my doctor, without his supportive nurses, this ordeal wouldn’t have been so easy.
I recently celebrated my 25th birthday…I’m not sure how I feel about the number “25” yet. It sure seems like a big number. My husband will be celebrating 30 in January…so I’ll always be the younger one. ;-) We celebrated with a delicious leopard print cake. Matt sure knows my style!

The weekend following my birthday we headed to Arkansas early on a Friday morning. The annual War Eagle Craft fair was underway. ( ) They host the fair twice a year: Spring and Fall. The weather was perfect for outdoor shopping and eating. ;-) I had a big bag of delicious kettle corn and a cheeseburger. It is so nice to get out of town for a short while. For us, we have 3 dogs so we normally can’t stay gone long, unless we have a dog-sitter…so this one day trip was great.

The trees in Arkansas were starting to turn colors. It was a very pretty drive.

The pumpkin my sister decorated for me, on my birthday.

Lastly, I got my sewing machine fixed! Here is a picture of the little blanket I made. I was planning on giving it to my niece for Christmas, but have since decided to keep it for my future children, since it is the first one I've made. I haven’t yet sewn the backing on, because I can’t decide what to use. I’m thinking I will use a lime green fleece for this particular one.
Looking forward to Halloween – maybe the doctor can give me some happy and not spooky news – on HALLOWEEN ;-)