Thursday, July 26, 2012

spruced up style

To make up for lost time…I will do two blogs in one day!
If you haven’t noticed yet, it is SO HOT outside…
                       SO HOT!
At work, I have to dress in business clothes daily…for me that usually consist of black dress pants, a dressy top and matching flats or wedges. It dawned on my recently how boring my closet has gotten in the past couple of years! I wake up each morning – put my black dress pants on and head out the door for work. I took it upon myself to order some new clothes a couple weeks ago and when I received them in the mail I was so THRILLED. NEW clothes that scream, I’m a lady! Instead of…Hey! I’m a librarian wearing these ugly black pants every day! Out with the old, and in with the new! Here is a few of the new items…

Can't forget the ruffles!

I'm LOVING the color and length of these skirts.

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