Thursday, July 26, 2012

It was meant to be, Fur babies!

When my husband and I got married and we were living in our new house, we decided we needed a puppy. He surprised me for Christmas with my first dog as a married lady! ;-) He was to be my first “fur child.” Willie is a miniature dachshund. He is dark brown, and oh so sweet! He likes to be held often and he is very smart! He and his “brother” are the best of pals.
My little Willie...The day Matt brought him home to me.

A couple months after having Willie, we decided he needed a companion while we were both at work during the day. While at the local pet store I found an ad for a miniature dachshund…everything worked out and we picked up our new puppy that day. George was born on Halloween that year, he was the last puppy of the litter and no one wanted him. He has the wrong color nose that the breed is supposed to have, so we gladly took him! While he was supposed to be miniature, he definitely turned out to be full sized. Either way, we love him the same! Both dogs are about 3 ½ years old now.
They hate clothing...but they wear it anyways.

Recently, my husband has wanted to get another dog. He really wanted a Doberman pincher puppy and after looking at ads for them, we decided to hold off because of the high price! On our lunch break one day, we saw a sign for Doberman puppies and just knew we had to stop and see them…Even if it was just to LOOK. Immediately after seeing a large litter of the puppies, I knew we would have to have one. We left there with a little girl who we call Mattie now. She is so sweet and full of energy. I have taken her on a few run/walks lately and that girl can GO. She is going to whip me in to shape before long.  I’m looking forward to seeing her full grown, by the end of the year she should almost be there. She weighs 20 lbs now, and growing like a weed!
On the way to her new home!

The little fur babies have been a blessing! I didn’t have any idea I would have so many problems trying to have babies – so the dogs have kept me busy some of the time…to help the time pass!

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