Thursday, June 21, 2012


This week I noticed that our peach tree was hanging low to the ground with LOTS of peaches. We ended up picking them on Tuesday night and decided to can them last night before they went bad! I chilled and cracked open a can today and they are DELICIOUS. I served them with dinner on Angel food cake and Cool whip! 
The husband and I followed the recipe on this site ( and it ended up being super easy! 

Here is a few photos: 

Fresh Peaches...pre-blanching

Sterilizing the lids

The finished product!!

Today, I had the day off work so I headed "to town" to do a little shopping. I was in need of a couple new summer-y tops and shorts...I scored on them both! 
I'm looking forward to the upcoming weekend...Saturday, My husband and I are going to a cookout with one of my co-workers and Sunday we will be attending my cousin's first birthday. Hopefully the weather isn't as it is expecting because the forecast say it's going to be 102degrees...for an outdoor party!! 

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