Sunday, June 10, 2012

Easy Breezy Weekend

Lazy Friday, Baseball game, and Blackberry pickin'!

Yesterday morning my husband woke me up early and took me out blackberry picking. We picked enough to freeze quite a bit, make a cobbler and lots of blackberry jam! He made both the jam and cobbler this morning. He is such a Betty Crocker...although he doesn't prefer to be called that! 

Saturday night we spent our evening at the Tulsa Driller's stadium watching them take on the Springfield Cardinals. The game wasn't all that exciting, but it was our company picnic so we enjoyed the company there. We lost... 3-4! 

I'm really looking forward to this coming week! In May, I started receiving a monthly shot of Lupron for Endometriosis. This week, I will get shot #2 of 6. I've never been so excited to go in for a shot, but I know that the end result for this will be such a blessing to Matt and I. So far, the side effects haven't been too bad! I was told mainly it would be hot flashes and mood swings. The mood swings are for sure here...but I've yet to experience the hot flash. I'm really hoping I can skip some of the side effects. =)

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